Renew your Space & Spirit       


Manage Everything Simply.

Total Home Makeover makes it easy to manage everything simply 

-God, family, home, self, and other - in one place.


"The Secret to a Pro-Active Home Manager" Magazine Feature @ Joy Mag

What do great Home Managers know?  Find out in this Interview @ Faith Radio.
"A Girl's Guide to Organizing Like a Pro" Article @ Hope for Women Mag

"Routines for Mom and Kids" @ Carolina Now Television below.


Phase 1: Renew Your Habits

Stop sabotaging your home and adopt a smart daily & weekly routine,  plus start saving time, money, and headaches.  Use our daily renewal, lesson, and to do list to help you achieve order & beauty instantly.


Phase 2:  Engage Family

Get your munchkins on board with an established chore time & simple chore system and kick out the stress of the mess.  Get a daily renewal, lesson, to do list, free tools and more.


Phase 3: Create Beautiful Rooms

Makeover one room at a time with our simple, three steps to order. Upload your room makeover to your free online portfolio and share mom-spiration with friends.


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