Renee shares her passion for faith and family after feeling lost in the trenches of home management.  She inspires moms through books, online, meetings, and conferences. She has been featured on Faith Radio, Hope for Women Magazine, Carolina Now TV, and Southeast Homeschool Expo.



To renew the space & spirit of one mom at a time.

"It's my goal to talk to you, not a crowd.  Often, when I speak at an event, one mom comes forward and expressed her gratitude or a question afterwords, and I know that Jesus is personal, and sends us to for just one." - Renee



In order to live in victory today, we have to know the path to get there.  That's where we come in.  

Total Home Makeover shares a proven path to order that creates a life of balance, purpose, and victory. We switch your focus from "home organization" to "healthy habits."   If you change your habits, you'll change your home. 



"What am I doing wrong?"  This was the question I asked myself after chasing the mess around my home, but never seemed to catch it.  I longed for order.  Why was it that some of my friends seemed to struggle like me, but others always had an orderly home, almost effortlessly?  What was I missing? 

Phase one:  You.  That's when my own journey toward a Total Home Makeover began.  Into the google search field my fingers typed "a routine that balances everything for moms."  My eyes perused home management books.  My mouth spit out blunt questions to friends. "What do you do when you get out of bed in the morning?"  That brought blank stares and after some coaxing, answers. Hey, this is what I was missing ...

  • daily routines
  • weekly routines
  • meal planning
  • desk work, errands, laundry
  • wave cleaning

I realized that this was all about changing my habits.  If I was the home manager; I was a leader.  If I was a leader; then I had to lead by example.  My daily habits had to produce order. That was phase one.  It started with me.

Phase Two:  Family.  My #1 secret became a smart daily routine (you can try mine by clicking on today).  But, what I noticed was, that although I was now creating order daily, my family was not.  In fact, they were sabotaging my efforts.  Dirty clothes strewn about, paper clippings, toys, messes.  Oh my!  I knew if I didn't get my family onboard, moving toward order, I wasn't going to get very far.  I needed ...

  • family expectations
  • family training
  • family chores & tracking

Phase Three: Home.  
Now, life was perfect.  Right?  Wrong.  My routines and my family's chores brought much needed help and a sense of direction and control over the chaos, but I looked around my home and realized that I had too much clutter, aka unorganized stuff.  This stuff wasn't making me happy, and it was adding to the chaos.  That began phase 3, clearing out and room-by-room organization.  That process was so freeing.

Destination ... Order!  Phew!  After that, my home management became manageable.  And I said to myself, "Wow! I'll bet a lot of other moms could really use this.  I should write a book."  So, I followed my heart, and that's just what I did.  I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from moms. One mom said, "You saved my life."  I know that only Jesus saves, but it's great knowing that my struggles, journey, and discovery can encourage others.  

Now, my mission is to renew the space & spirit of one mom at a time.  It's my goal to provide a proven plan & support to you through your pick of resource:  book, online, magazine, meetings, and conferences.


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