Posted by Renee Metzler on October 3, 2014 at 8:40 PM

I'm trying to accelerate my debt pay-off, so I'm sharing a Get Out of Debt Series.  I recommend starting at the beginning.  The idea is to get my money flowing right according to the 10-10-80 formula (10% tithing, 10% saving, and 80% living).  Next, I'm looking at ways to spend less in each expense catagory.  Today's challenge?  Spend less on auto.

Lower Car Insurance  

Do you want to know how I saved $430 in car insurance?  I shopped around.  When we settled in Texas, I was so discouraged because our car insurance doubled!  "Texas is just expensive that way."  said Texas people.  Following the advice of Bob at Christian PF, I used his auto insurance comparison tool.   I tried running quotes at three different companies and here's what I found. 

  1. Gieco was cheapest.
  2. Geico was the easiest to fill out online.
  3. Geico was the quickest.
Because I just switched to Geico, I'm saving $430 in car insurance a year.  That's going to go a long way toward my debt pay-off acceleration plan.

Get a Fuel Economy Car

I already own a Scion IQ, which is not a smart car, but a compact car.  I llove it.  I has room in the back seat for my two daughters, and we pay $25 a week or less to fill up the tank.  The car included a 2 year warranty and oil changes.  So, our only expense is our car payment and gas.  The one thing I wish it had is cruise control.  Also, I've had to learn how to get groceries with a small car.  It is doable.

Pay Less in Gas
If you can't get a fuel economy car, here are a few ways to save on gas.
  1. Stay home and run errands only once a week (I do Friday Errands).
  2. Car pool to work.
  3. Bike when possible.
  4. Use Gas Buddy to get the best price in your area.
  5. Use Fuel Points if your grocery store offers this.
  6. Buy slightly used rather than new.

How do you save on auto expenses?  Subscribe


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