Ten Ways to Save More Money

Posted by Renee Metzler on February 8, 2015 at 11:55 PM

Remember the days of the piggy bank?  Clink went the little coins.  It felt so good to save.  It was that tangible evidence that money was accruing.  Every so often, the piggy bank must be opened and counted. Watching our grown up piggy bank accrue can give us even more satisfaction.  Why?  Emergency savings, investments, and retirement mean we're on our way to financial freedom.  

If saving hasn't been a recent habit, it can easily be picked up.  Start with $1,000 of emergency savings in a basic bank savings account. Afterwards, consider investing in a retirment fund, college savings funds (for children), and other investments.  Sounds easy, but how can one possibly squeeze savings out of a maxed out budget?

Here are Ten Ways to Save More Money each month.  Save ...

  1. $30 on auto insurance.  I found a cheaper rate on auto insurance at Geico.  In about 15 minutes, I had saved over $300 for the year or about $30 a month.
  2. $400 on groceries.  I make a  meal plan each week.  I also make a spending goal such as $50 or $75. Next, I shop at places like Aldi or Save-a-lot which sells groceris at 40-50% off normal grocery store prices.  I stick to my list.  I also place tally marks on my list for every dollar spent as I shop to keep track. I can save about $100 a week this way.
  3. $100 on cell phone.  My husband uses Net10 for his cell phone, and this costs $15 - $20 a month with no contract.  In contrast, Verizon cost $100 - $120 a month.  
  4. $50 on electricity.  Unplug chargers when not charging.  Turn off lights when not in use.  Turn down the heat a notch or two.  Wear your clothes again if they are still clean, this will save on washing cost and wear and tear.  Savings will vary.  
  5. $100 on restaurants.  There are alot of restaurant deals out there, but the best way I have found to save, is to stop eating out (or limit my budget considerably). Also, regular meal planning means you have easy meals at hand.
  6. $100 - $300 on health insurance.  Be healthy.  Exercise & Eat well.  Consider a christian alternative health insurance such as MediShare to save on high premiums or choose a high deductible plan combined with a health savings account.
  7. $100 on personal expenses.  Go to the hair stylist every other month (instead of monthly), color your own hair, wax yourself, and do your own nails.  Cancel expensive gym memberships and just run outside.  The fresh air will do you good.
  8. $100 on fuel.  Run errands only once per week.  Car pool.  Consider purchasing a less expensive car that offers great fuel mileage.
  9. $100 on fun.  Look up free and cheap events in your area, pack a lunch and drinks, and have family fun outings for free.  Also borrow books and movies from the library, cancel expensive television programming (which I promise you can do without).
  10. $100 or more on clothes.  Create a master wardrobe, a wardrobe that has less articles that coordinate to create more outfits and work in more seasons, as outlined in my book, Total Home Makeover:  A 20 Day Plan to Renew Your Space & Spirit.  Try my crazy stunt, and stop buying clothes for one year, or shop sales & discount stores, but always take a list.  



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