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by Renee Metzler

224 pages

ISBN:  978162020131

If you could go on a journey, leave chaos, transform, you, your family, and your home to bring order in 20 days, would you?  

Total Home Makeover is a complete home management course.  Each day, "Let's Chat" about one simple, home management secret.  Then "Get Moving" to apply what you just learned.  Stay motivated along the way with stories from the author, joy tools, and fun rewards.  During this 20 day plan, you will journey through 3 phases to arrive as order:

Phase 1:  you - lead by example with smart, simple routines that bring order plus learn the basics of meal planning, desk work, wave cleaning, and more.

Phase 2: family - develop healthy home habits for everyone and create consistency with chore charts

Phase 3: home - get an orderly home with room-by-room organization with activity zones 

You will easily complete each step with the built-in tools & worksheets included in the book, such as: routine worksheet, meal planner, chore chart, room planners, monthly checklist, 

one month bonus planner, and more.  



"This book is not just about my home, it's about me.  It's about changing my habits first which then spills over into changing my home. I had it backwards ..."

"I am a homeschool mom of 8 and I love this book!  I"ve read many books on home management that were excellent books with a lot of great information.  Renee's book takes the info from all those other books & simplifies your "must do" list and chores, but at the same time makes it extremely thorough!"

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"Anyone can journey from chaos to order by following the simple, yet powerful strategies in Total Home Makeover."

- Lindsay Holder, Former Celebrity Assistant


“It’s as though you’re sitting with me, sharing your experiences and desiring to help.  This book would be amazing for homeschoolers.  This would be a great resource for the Mom to use with a group of her friends.”

– Denise Lopes, Author


"I thought your presentation was wonderful.  I am working through your book and am really loving some of the tips.  I tried wave cleaning last week.” -Tricia, MOPS Leader

"Homeschooling adds a different dimension to your day.  With Total Home Makeover, we ease into school with a clean home and dinner in the crock pot." - Kemi, Homemaking Organized

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