Total Home Makeover Courses

Manage 101

Learn to manage you and your family with smart routines and chore tracking.  Plus learn the mechanics of meal planning, desk work, wave cleaning, errands, and laundry.

Price:  Free


Organize 101

Learn to organize any space in three steps:  clear, sort, and containerize.  Plus learn the basics of designing a space and creating activity zones that work.

Price:  Free

Decorate 101

Learn to decorate any space in seven steps:  focal point, color scheme, flooring, furniture layout, lighting, fabrics, and accents.  Plus learn about whole house color scheme and money saving tips.

Price:  Free

Total Home Makeover Workshop

Learn to manage, organize, and decorate in a Total Home Makeover live event.  If you're tired of chaos, invite author, Renee Metzler, to your conference, church or organization and get ready to renew your space & spirit.

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